Outsourcing experiences

While developing my personal project, I made an attempt to tackle a few blueprints that I needed for my project. I managed to complete a few basic ones myself for example the light switch turning on and off when you walked into a particular area with sound to go with it, I had strings of text appear when you walked into an object and also a menu system which would allow the player to access the game. I made the attempt at tackling harder blueprints but because of my lack of skill and the time it would take to learn blueprint to the standard required I had to outsource that part of my work so that I could achieve the results I wanted. After speaking to Phil he had agreed to help me produce working blueprints within my project which I would have not been able to achieve unless I had found someone to outsource my work. In a professional setting, had this been something that had been work I had intended to sell on or claim as my own and had I been paying Phil for his work, I would have made him sign an NDA to make sure that my work would not be used or sold elsewhere. It would also make him unable to speak about my project to anyone who isn’t stated in the NDA. I would also had him sign an outsourcing contract to say how many hours he would work on the project and the quality and quantity of work I would expect by a particular date.

I also tasked myself with working on a small project with a person I had found while looking on the internet for some freelance work. He wanted someone to create 3d models of characters that he had drawn up. I had taken this to the stage of development and began to create the 3d character but sadly had to put the project on hold because of having to finish other projects and not finding enough time without jeopardising quality. Another reason I put the project on hold is because I don’t feel like my skills are developed enough to create that quality of character. Hopefully I will be able to finish this project later on despite it being late. I have spoken to the individual who needed the work and informed him of the other projects I had to complete before this. I wouldn’t have considered this project to be a professional one as no contracts were signed but due to him having the original character design I will have to ask for permission to use the character in a portfolio piece and give him credit where credit is due.

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