Brand Guideline Document

A brand guideline document is seen as a manual which helps with setting in stone your brand by establishing what fonts you wish to use within your brand and what colours would work best within your brand. It helps others know that the brand is the same even if colours or icon sizes are tweaked slightly and that you are the same company. It gives an aid for those who are designing for you so that they know how far they can push a design yet still for it to be within the companies’ code of what they want for their design. This also gives the designer to be more creative on those bits that don’t matter to the brand giving a brand a fresh look when possible rather than making alterations for the sake of it. A brand guideline helps keep the brand of the business tightly knitted to make sure that the designs do not go astray. The branding will also reach as far as methods of communication and how they are presented for example letter formats or email footers. A good brand is one that can work on many different levels and has the ability to portray the company message through its use of branding to its desired target audience. The document will consist of many sample sheets of the following, typeface, logo, colour-ways, business cards, sample letters, continuation sheet, sample report designs, email footer, images, invoice templates and a presentation template.

Keeping a brand is very important so that if you are producing different types of products for example Nestlé sells a range of food products, from chocolate bars to coffee and water. When someone looks down the coffee isle to buy some coffee and see Nestlé they feel safe buying that product and expect high quality which appears within the rest of their products. Even when a company does expand, it is good to have a brand because then your products become recognisable from the brand alone thanks to the company name, colours or even just the symbol on the logo. An example of this is the Apple logo, they have a range of technological products yet when you see the brand you instantly know what it is and the quality you will receive from the product.
In regards to media, branding shares the same ideologies as other markets. An example of this is Xbox not only making actual consoles but they stretch their branding to peripherals and applications. This means that their logo and font’s would only be so big or so small as stated within the brand guideline document.

Here are two examples of a brand guideline

 Skype brandingWalmart

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