Payday 2

Payday 2 is the second game in the Pay Day series and is a cooperative first person shooter video game which was published by 505 Games in 2013 for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. The game is pretty straight forward, you can select a member of the crew to play and you participate in many different heists. You have the option to either do this alone, with the computer AI or online in a multiplayer mode. There are different methods of which a player can tackle a heist, these are either using stealth or just going in guns a blazing although the quieter stealth approach will reward the user with more points which means more cash.

I believe the game is aimed at people who enjoy stealth games, first person shooter games and who enjoy playing with others with co-op and online co-op available within the game. I feel this game is more for people who are killers and achievers as this game allows you to take on large amounts of enemies yet there is a set amount of challenges. Although there is also room for explorers and socializers in this game due to trying to find short cuts within the game to save the team time, and socialising as the game involves a lot of team work and requires the aid of people who are more familiar with the maps.

Some of the main mechanics within this game are;

Achievements – this is towards the end of the game when a player is shown how much cash they have lost and gained. There are also rewards after every match as a player is distributed a card at random in which they can receive anything from a character mask to a new gun. If you are playing Payday 2 on the computer, then you have the ability to unlock steam achievements depending on if you meet the criteria for that achievement.

Bonuses – If you manage to stealth the mission then you are rewarded extra cash for this.

Community Collaboration – The team has to work together in order to affectively complete the mission, if someone slips up then it affects the entire group. It is important to work as a team otherwise it can be very hard to do the harder missions which you will be rewarded a larger percentage of exp and cash.

Levels – You gain exp which will increase your levels which will also give you extra points to spend on skills.

Loss aversion – If your team fails the mission then you will not be rewarded any cash.

Status – Players that are higher levels are seen to be those who have higher skill within the game and tend to be the better players to have at your side.

I found that the game was very unique and is one of the first heist games that I have played. I really enjoyed playing it as the community was really talkative and working together with a group of strangers was a great experience. I found that this game invoked flow for me because I was so engaged with the game and my team that when we hit the jackpot of cash at the end I was really proud that we had been successful. I found that the game had different levels and difficulties to suit a wide range of skill and I feel this is one of the reasons the game is so popular. The only negative I found with this game is that if your connection cuts out and you are unable to join back into the game then you will have nothing to show for your time and effort. Not only this but you will lose the people that you had been communicating with which can be a disheartening experience especially if you had enjoyed your time with those people and would like to play with them again. I feel with the release of additional DLC (downloadable content) that this game could really explore a more diverse range of heists, maybe explore in different countries or even broader environments such as a theme park or unique museums such as The Louvre.

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