Super Hexagon

Super Hexagon was a game created by indie developer Terry Cavanagh with music composed by Niamh Houston. The game was based on the game Hexagon which was also created by Terry which was made in a twelve hour game jam in 2012. Super Hexagon has been released for the iOS but then was made available for Windows, Android, Blackberry 10, Linux and OS X.

The aim of the game is to control a small triangle around the middle of a hexagon and to avoid the walls which draw closer and closer to you. Once you have completed the hexagon round, you then go into pentagon. The longer you survive the faster the level becomes, once you have survived 60 seconds you will unlock other modes such as hexagoner and hexagonest. The game also has a range of difficulties to challenge your skill. This game is an Ilinix game meaning that it has element which may cause dizziness or spinning within the player.

Super Hexagon has a range of mechanics used within the gameplay, these are;

Achievements – You unlock new levels if you manage to survive 60 seconds of a level, you also can unlock achievements if you are playing this game using steam.

Behavioural Momentum – This keeps the player doing what they are doing over and over as the game itself is just the player either moving left or right yet despite this keeps the player engaged and interested within the game.

Levels – Once you complete 60 seconds you unlock the next level within the game

Status – Seeing how long you can survive, your time is recorded and you can share this information with your friends which will create competition.

Urgent Optimism – This is something that I felt during my time playing super hexagon, this was mainly because I felt that if I kept enduring the 20 second failure this will in time increase to 30 seconds until I managed to beat my friends score.

This game is rather simplistic yet really well done, I feel it brings back retro games into a more modern era allowing users to enjoy something unique and not overdone. The game is easy to understand so players are quick to get to grips with it. I found that when me and my house mates played this we were keen to beat each other’s scores so despite the level lasting under 60 seconds we were playing this game for around two hours before we gave up. I feel this game could be improved if you could verse someone else online and for it to be split screen with two hexagons on each screen, one for yourself and one for your opponent. Then you can keep going until one of you fails, this way it would be the ultimate challenge and something competitive to do with your friends rather than just working with high scores. It would also be good to have a wider range of music as the playlist was really repetitive and became annoying rather quickly which threw us out of flow a few times. To have a selection of music available which the player could decide on would have worked better I would have thought. The choice of colours and the composition of the game worked really well as the contrast made it easier for the player to navigate plus it was easy to quickly distinguish the time and other information from the screen without having to focus on it too long and end up losing in the game.

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