End User License Agreement is a license used for software which is a legally binding contract between the manufacturer/author and the user who is purchasing/using the application. The EULA explains how the software can and can’t be used and any other restrictions that may be in place. This document is not always the same and depending on the agreement will depend on how you agree to the terms. For example agreeing to a game on steam you will have to scroll through the agreement and check the box that you agree with the terms in order for you to start the download. Another example is the possibility of having to email back the agreement that you have signed in order to clarify that you agree to the terms within the document. EULA’s are readable once you have downloaded the software so if you do not agree to them and you have purchased the software then you are left basically to ‘take it or leave it’ as a EULA is not negotiable.

Here are some examples of EULA’s


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