3d Models within different industries


3d modelling is widely used in the film industry in things such as Computer generated effects or miniature effects as if they were to make the actual thing rather than model it then it would be too expensive and consume too much time to physically build. Scene such as explosions with modelled buildings would take days to make in comparison to large buildings which would take years to make only for a single scene.

Cloverfield (2008) uses a mixture of live action and Computer generated effects. The head was built as a 3d model and textured for the film and is shown for several seconds. Using a mixture of both live action and CG effects, Cloverfield was able to create a realistic scene in which the statue of liberty’s head rolls into the road.

Another example of models being used in film is with the film Independence Day (1996). The entire city was modeled and tilted for the explosion scene which again created a realistic environment without the audience breaking flow as the models blended in so well with actual footage shot for the film. This would have been very difficult to actually make so modelling this allowed for quickly generated realistic scenes.


Investments have been made into architecture so that businesses can bring their visions to life by using software such as 3dsmax to generate buildings and interiors and use rendering software such as Maxwell and Marmoset Toolbag to create realistic lighting and composition so that it would be difficult to tell what’s real and what is not. By creating realistic renders, the businesses would be able to get a feel for the building before investing large amounts of money into something they wouldn’t be able to see for months. It also helps the architect create the building in the businesses vision so they will be satisfied with the end result by giving them a realistic representation of the building.

Here are some architectural examples which are 3d models;1 2 3 4 6


3D models allow people to create beautiful fantasy scenes which are so well designed they create a sense of realism. They can also be used to show an illustrators vision by taking sketches and making them into photo-realistic renders to give the audience a feel for their vision.

Some examples of this are;

7 8 9

Advertising and marketing

Similar to architecture, a large amount of money is invested within advertising and marketing so by using 3d models rather than tangible objects it allows the model to be altered if needs be and able to create results suited for the advert. For example if Ford wanted to advertise a sports car and wanted it to flip off a ramp then it would be better to do this using models and animation. The reasons for this are so that money isn’t invested in a car which is at high risk of damage. It would also mean paying out for someone who is professionally qualified to do the stunt which would be expensive and inconvenient. Another reason would be that it may take longer to film real footage of the stunt than it would be to create it within Maya and 3dsmax. Another reason a company may want to use a model to advertise their product as they may not have the physical product ready yet.

Some examples of models used in advertising and marketing are;



3d models can be used in science to show simulation of possible events such as star eruptions or to show chemical compounds. This can be really useful when trying to explain something to someone who may not have a clear understanding of the subject at hand so by having a clear demonstration then it can help with the understanding of how the subject functions. Having these as 3d models also allows for the subject to now become interactive.

Some examples of this within the field of science are;

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