FMP idea expanded

My final major project will be an interactive environment set within an abandoned amusement park. This environment will have static and movable assets, interactive features such as opening doors, lights and sounds. The amusement park will be set within the modern day and the park itself will be expandable if desired giving me flexibility within my project. This environment will desirably host a section for a small zoo which would allow me to have animal sounds played when a character approaches and also have some animals moving within the environment. This does not mean these will be zoo animals, but animals that would be within natural wildlife that would take refuge in these abandoned buildings.

I will be building my environment using a range of software such as 3dsmax, Bitmap2Material, UE4 and Photoshop. I will be expanding on the current skills I have developed within my first and second years to be able to complete an immersive environment. I will also be able to work on things such as modularity and maintaining an online presence in order to get my project out there and completed as efficiently as possible with good results. This environment would not limit me to what I currently know, but would allow me to potentially place in new skills such as having movement within my environment and placing particle systems for assets such as fire or water.

I have a passion for the horror genre and creating the theme park with influences taken from this genre, which will allow me to freely create an environment that I am interested in. I feel like this is an idea I will be committed to and something that I will be able to heavily research into, helping me develop an in depth insight into such themes as abandoned amusement parks, horror movies and games featuring amusement parks such as L4D2, Killing floor 2 and Zombieland which are a few ideas I could research into. This gives me a large range of media to explore for my research; being able to compile information from books, films, games and even real life experiences allowing me to take ideas for potential rides and to allow me to fully develop my idea.

I would like my final product to be a finished amusement park that has photo-realistic textures. The player would be able to navigate around the environment and interact with different assets such as being able to sit down on benches, to hear the sounds of the attractions with the attractions functioning accordingly. In the final stages, I would also like to player to be able to partake in some of the small games located around the environment such as a small shooting range or a basketball mini game. Due to my passion of the horror genre I would also like to play on atmosphere of the theme park, so because of this the theme park will be set at night with the park being haunted. This means that the people would feel what could be classed as ghosts, the amusement park will look old and some rides would be broken but some still in use. It would also mean that I would use particular sounds to enhance the users experience of the theme park.

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