Okpo Land, South Korea

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Okpo Land was located on the Geoje Island within South Korea and closed in May 1999 and demolished in 2011. The park itself was pretty young but I have been unsuccessful in finding a date but it would be correct to assume the park opened around 1995. The park itself was small in comparison to other theme parks consisting of around 11 main rides and attractions such as a swimming pool, bumper cars, roundabout, small arcade machines, duck rollercoaster, The Viking. The park was abandoned due to several accidents and two known deaths. The last death was in 1999 in which a cart derailed and caused the death of a young girl. The owner fled soon after and due to this the park was closed until its demolition in 2011. All the rides were left in place including the cart which caused the death of the young girl.

Looking at the environment from photos taken by an individual in 2009, the park has building waste around the entrance consisting of rubble and pipes. A lot of the buildings have large marks on them showing water damage and general wear due to people visiting the park unauthorised, wildlife and that the park has not been maintained for 10 years since the photos. Discarded items which would have been used within particular attractions have been left behind such as tickets and swimming noodles create the image that the park shut down rather quickly. The smashed windows, opened doors, broken tiles, rust and large pools of water on the ground really make the environment feel worn which I feel is something that is important when creating the atmosphere I am looking for within my piece. There is a lot of forestation around the rides and signs which I feel is also very important to consider, especially with them entangling the rides themselves to really give the park some age.

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