Research: Flamingo Land, UK

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Flamingo Land is located within the UK near Malton, North Yorkshire and is around 276 acres and consists of 52 rides, 9 being rollercoasters and 2 being water rides. The featured rides include Mumbo Jumbo, Velocity, Cliff Hanger, Flip Flop and Kumali. The park was established in 1959 as a zoo, then in the 1960’s the park had rides on site in the form of a fun fair to go alongside the zoo temporarily. Within 1970’s the amusement rides were in the park to stay and has become the very popular UK theme park we know today. The zoo within Flamingoland hosts up to 120 different types of animals such as lions, rare fish, penguins and camels.

The park is still in operation and is still very popular as it offers a holiday village and has been in the public eye many times featuring on ITV, Zoo Vet, ChuckleVision, ITV Weather and Talk Flamingo and currently is the new sponsor for the 2015-2016 Championship season for our very own local football club Hull City.


I believe what makes this park very atmospheric is the sounds coming from the park, the lights and the water featured within the park. Although this isn’t the kind of atmosphere that I am wanting to create, I can use some of the ride designs and experiences that I have gained from visiting the park a few years ago. When researching into this theme park, I began to notice how important music is as well as natural sounds from the environment. The reason why this is as important as it adds to the mystery of the environment and keeps the player on their toes. It also create a mood and can make a player feel uncomfortable such as if a record was to stop playing a player could feel like something big is about the happen within the environment.

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