The beginning of my final major project

Before we finished university for our second year, we were asked to think of a project that we would work on throughout our third year. This meant coming up with an idea which could stand the test of time by being something that I was very interested in and wanted to produce but that would be something that I was passionate about enough to not grow bored of the idea. After throwing some ideas around, I settled on two keywords, “Horror” and “Theme parks”. Two contrasting things as horror is something that is scary and not to be taken lightly, but theme parks are something that we love from a young age and are full of life and laughter. I decided that I would make an abandoned theme park which would play on the atmosphere and things that would scare a person, but would show a theme park and its previous life. I want the environment I am designing to tell a story but to also show what the park has become after being left for years without any maintenance.

So for the general breakdown of how my project will run, there will be;

  • some presentations: These will be put online too to gain response from people outside of my own studio and also for self reflection purposes.
  • a lot of documentation: this will mean from web, books and from personal experiences on things such as other theme parks, horror films, art, looking into how we as humans respond to things etc
  • A more regular blog: I noticed last year my blogs were not very spaced out so this is something that I want to maintain that little bit better with a wider range of experimentation than last year but to keep this regular so that people can comment on my works for improvement
  • 3D: This is something that was few last year when developing my project so this will be my main focus in regards to improvement. I also want to have a play around with some new software and expand on those which I found very helpful last year. All of this will be well documented on my blog through written works and video.


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