Umoja Childrens Park, Zanzibar

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Not much information to share about this theme park as its opening and closure remain a mystery although I did manage to find out, from The Rough Guide to Zanzibar by Jens Finke, that the park was a fun fair that was open for fifteen days a year. These were to celebrate Idd al-fitr and Idd al-Hajj celebrations, Christmas and New Year. The park itself doesn’t look old, and as far as we can predict it was probably just abounded due to poor ticket sales. The size of the park looks on the small side and the park is still around to visit today. The park itself consisted of around 10 rides, such as a small car rollercoaster, a train roundabout, a ride similar to teacups, swing boats and other various rides.

The park looks very worn with rust taking away most of the paint work and metal hangers completely missing meaning that some of the seats to rides were placed on the floor. Some of the rides were lost in large forestation and most of it having graffiti. On the other hand, there are a few rides which look as if they have only recently been placed and have not suffered the same fate as the others. Looking at the images, the park itself seems to be missing a lot of signage, I’m assuming this was taken by either the park or people breaking into the park. Judging on what remains of the park, I feel the park is spacious and if someone was to come here at night it would make the individual very uncomfortable because the park itself does look creepy. I really like how the seats to the rides are placed still in the vicinity yet detached from the ride itself rather than just missing from the ride altogether as it allows you to work out what the ride actually was and gives you some idea of the park. Some of the rides seem to also be buried in mud slopes suggesting they have been there for a very long period yet the nearby graffiti makes it look as if people still often visit. It gives me the idea that if I want my park to look occupied by an unwanted guest than this would be a good way to show to the player that someone has been here. I could make the graffiti have a darker tone to scare the player as they explore, maybe allow it to tell a story of the individual as they explore the park.

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