Client Project 001

For my first client project, we were asked to create a friendly retro space rocket taking off against a friendly sky. We had the option to create this is in any medium and it would be used in a 3d poster which would advocate business startups so the image should imply optimism, positivity and have the feeling of moving on to new pastures. I decided that I would do some sketches, create a 3d model and use Photoshop afterwards to create a final illustration.

Here are the sketches that I created;


After this I then went into 3dsmax to create a 3d representation of my sketch;Spaceship1




After this, I went into photoshop to make final adjustments;





To conclude, I feel for a first illustration I think that I achieved really good results and that it met the aims of the project. I managed to have this completed within the week timescale that we were given. Some things that I could improve is my planning as I only have a clear idea for my environment later on within the project and I feel like this should have been decided on sooner. Another issue which I found was I had more sketches than in previous tasks but still not enough as the idea could have been explored more.

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