Blueprints for FMP

After consideration I have made the decision of including the following blueprints to my FMP piece in order to enhance the interaction within the environment. These Blueprints are the following;

  • Pick up items

– This would eventually go on to creating a inventory system

– Being able to view the item from the inventory and also during pick up in large and so that the player is able to view the project and rotate it.

  • Range of sound triggers (This means voice acting when approaching a key area of the level, also including noises from the part of the level e.g. movement of creatures hidden behind machines)
  • Opening and closing doors
  • Player being able to sit down on bench

The bullet pointed blueprints are the ones I hope to have complete by the end of the year and something I will try to adopt early on due to my limited knowledge on this specific area, so by tackling this now would be best as it prevents issues later on within the development.



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