Reflection on FMP: Sept – Nov

In September I made the decision to create a abandoned theme park for my FMP. The project itself was, and still remains to be. something I am passionate about creating. Since starting the project, I have been able to tackle some research, advancing my 3D ability and developing my knowledge of Blueprint. I would say that my 3D has come a long way since my last major project in my second year, and I have been able to create better models at a faster pace giving me more time to populate my level with a range of assets. On the other hand, I feel this is something that needs to speed up still in order to meet my deadline. Research was my strongest point last year, so I made the decision to make my focus my 3D so due to this my blog posts and research have been fewer than my previous year. My aim is to now aim to have at least three blog posts per week showing reflection in order to talk about parts of the development and how I have been able to overcome areas which I have previously struggled. This will also allow others to critique my work so that I can better my work using suggestions from other individuals (Both industry professionals or hobbyists). I feel this is something that isn’t problematic and just requires more dedicated time to writing which is something I can definitely do. Finally, My blueprints are something that I am struggling with and require my up most attention so this is something that I will be focusing on the most until after Christmas. I have around five blueprints to create by the end of the year, and more can be added if I achieve this goal.

In regards to my design process, I feel that I have been taking to drawing in my sketchbook a lot easier a transition than I did in my previous year. Once I have refined this, then I will have my design process in place. One issue that I have recently had to come to terms with is my inability to draw perspective, so I have decided to approach this by attending life drawing sessions but I will also try draw things from home in order to grasp this in order to improve future drawings to get them to an industry standard. I am currently at a point within my environment that I have a basic block out, I have some models ranging from buildings to assets, plus an animated model of a ferris wheel. Some of my assets have some textures on them although these are still being implemented and in regards to blueprint, currently there is nothing. I have decided for the next two weeks, my focus will be on implementing two of those blueprints to enhance the interactivity of the environment as I feel this is important for my piece to work.

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