FMP Update: 16/12/2015

Since my last post my project was in pieces with nothing really giving much other than being rather still. Since then, I have managed to implement a series of small number of things which will keep the player entertained while exploring my environment.

Firstly, I have added subtle animation to parts of the part for example the park now contains both a moving ferris wheel and a round about which gently moves due to the wind. I have discovered around three ways to add animation within UE4 and I will be showcasing these different methods in my next blog post, each having their own positives and negatives.

Finally, I have added a character model from MakeHuman as a place holder which moves and the player is able to interact with. The only issues with the MakeHuman character is that the animation is very animation and for a living friendly character shouldn’t be doing this as it makes the player feel uneasy about approaching the character due to them feeling that the character is an enemy. The animation ended up this way due to myself manually editing the animation sequence within UE4 rather than keyframing a more realistic animation. Although, on the plus side of this, It made me realize how effectively animatronics would work within the environment.

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