Ocean Chambers: Creating a concept document for review

For our major client project for the year, we have decided as a group of 4 to create the Ocean Chambers building for the Heritage open event.

C – Burstall’s Solicitors have commissioned Games Design to recreate their building (OCEAN CHAMBERS) on Lowgate ready to show at next years Heritage Open Days event.

A flypast of a reconstruction of the building in a given period (TBC) will be the expected final result. Client Feedback will be given.”

To start our project, we decided to create an concept document which was to be taken to Ocean Chambers to suggest different routes we could pursue.

The document was put together in word initially and images created with the use of 3dsmax, photoshop and sketches then was handed over to Dave Eccles in which he designed the physical concept document that our team was able to tweak. After small adjustments from myself and our team, we gave our finished document to Gareth who took it to the client. They were happy with our project idea and informed us they wanted us to recreate the building the year it was built. I am excited for this task at hand as it will allow us to hone in on our skill-sets and produce something for a big client which may help us pursue other clients, aid our portfolio and help us into the industry.




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