Presentation skills review

We strived to achieve a high quality within our presentation skills during our project. Firstly, we aimed to have a proposal document which was clear and concise so that it was easily readable to someone who may have no technical knowledge within games design. It showed our idea beautifully within our proposal document with the document itself being carefully planned and then put forward to an illustrator who played a large role in its completion. The reason we passed our design to another individual was due to his experience with designing documents and who we knew would create something that would show their branding beautifully thus achieving a good standing with our client.

We have developed an online blog for our client project which is currently in development but can be found here. This blog will be used as an online gallery showcasing our finer work that we want the public to see but also once finished will be keeping the public up to date with the development of the project but also the dates the project can be viewed.
In the future when we meet the client again we will be showcasing the work we have produced over the last few months. This will mean displaying our progress in a more detailed draft of the project, showcasing finished models using software such as Marmoset and 3DSMAX to create professional lighting to achieve some stunning final renders which would be displayed both in our document for the client but also on our webpage. When next meeting the client, I will request that our group dresses smart/casual as last time we visited the client we were dressed too informal and I feel this may have caused us to look unprofessional which is the opposite that we want to put across.

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