Working within a group and communication with client

In order for our brainstorming sessions to work successfully it meant that the whole team had to be involved so that ideas could be generated for how we were going to create our project and also how this might be displayed later on in its development. Ideas were given out loud in which I took down notes within my notebook. We agreed on a range of ideas but it was one in particular that we all took too, which was to create Ocean Chambers on a turntable and then add game mechanics to it if we had time so that the player could interact with aspects of the environment. We set out clear objectives and goals in order to meet targets and achieve what had been set.

After this, we had to pitch our idea to our lecturers so they could see the ideas that we had come up with but also to see if they agreed with our decision on creating a 3d turntable. This meant making sure that we were able to produce our product in the given time but also that we were passionate about the idea and that it wasn’t something that was going to fizzle out. After talking as a team and agreeing that this was something achievable and something we all wanted to do, we spoke with our lecturers and this got the ball moving as they gave us the go ahead to begin our idea.

After this, we began designing the proposal document to take to Burstalls to see if they wanted us to pursue our idea but also if they had any suggestions on what they would like to see within the project. Within our design document we had to make sure that the companies brand identity was clear as it was something that had to stand out within our document especially as we were pitching it to a company. We wanted them to know that we had done our research on not only the product, but who they are as well as it shows earlier on the commitment and strong research skills which would be needed for the entire project. Within our document we had to have short pitches of what we wanted to achieve, who we were, and what we were able to produce. This would have a similar resemblance to the “45 second elevator pitch” as it would be short but to the point. When meeting our client, we would have to be confident and enthusiastic in order to have a good relationship with our client but also to give a good vibe about our product.

If the client didn’t like our idea and suggested something as an alternative this would have to overtake our idea although it should be within reason, for example if the client wanted an interactive playable environment with three levels then that would be achievable while if they wanted something out of our field then we would have to inform the client of this so that a compromise could be made. Within our proposal documentation we had put together a series of images so that when the client was looking through they may be inspired by something they saw and maybe could input their ideas or even just simply agree with the direction we were taking the project. It is extremely important to keep clear communication with our client so that miscommunication is minimal but also so that they feel comfortable with us on the project.

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