Branding: Things to consider when working with Burstalls

For one of our projects we are working alongside Burstalls solicitors. When working with our client it is important that we consider what they would expect from us as we work alongside them to create our piece.

Safety is something that should be considered as Burstalls would want to work with people that won’t damage their brand or reputation. While we work with Burstalls we have to keep professionalism to a high standard and make sure our quality of work reflects this. We want our group image to reflect what we are able to produce which is high quality products. If we didn’t produce good quality products or acted unprofessional then it would look bad for Burstalls to be associated with us so keeping a level of professionalism is crucial.

We need to have a level of respect between both ourselves but with Burstalls. This means having clear and open communication with each other and that we listen to what Burstalls suggests and to follow any instructions that they give. If we didn’t do this then Burstalls would potentially look for another team or they would feel uneasy about us working on the project. Clear communication and respect is of importance. Maintaining a high quality throughout the project is of importance as this represents the value of Burstalls and means that we should offer nothing less but our best.

Burstalls needs to be confident in our ability and have confidence within us as a team. They need to feel that they are able to confront us with any issues or questions that they may have with the project and feel comfortable knowing that we are able to meet our given deadlines. They should be able to trust our team and for this to be possible we need to keep open communication so any issues can arise and be resolved as soon as they are apparent to either party. Communication should be well enough that both parties are familiar with the product progression and are happy with the result.

If Burstalls feels that something needs altering then we should be able to respond to their request as soon as possible in order to make sure that the company and branding is safe. Burstalls should be able to rely on us as a team to help them meet their expectations of the project. In some instances this may mean speaking about the project to other unfamiliar members of staff or even outside of Burstalls to give clarity on the project.

It is key that we have a mutual understanding and to be realistic with what can be achieved from the task. This means that if we are unable to do something and we have made an attempt then we have to alert our client that we are unable to produce something. We also have to be realistic with time scales so that everyone on our team is able to be at the same point by the time so that deadlines can be met. Both parties should feel supported and that they can trust each other. The project is relevant and that our best work is being produced in order to fit the quality that is expected of us.


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