How to make the Burstalls environment more realistic

Adding interactivity within the environment allows more options for the player to respond to the environment allowing the world to feel more real and because of this the player will continue playing the game. For example allowing the player to interact with assets within the level would give the player more freedoms within the environment and allowing them to enjoy themselves as they play. One method could be using blueprints for the player to open a door to enter a new room would be purposeful allowing them to access a new area. On the other hand if we used a blueprint such as allowing the player to open every cupboard then this would be pointless as the player has no need to do this and would only become annoying if overused. The player should be rewarded for exploration and experimenting with things within the environment.

One example could be that the player gains an achievement for locating particular assets within the level. Another could be gaining an achievement for using a candle in the basement so that the player is able to see within the unlit room. This is simple cause and effect which gives the player a need to use a blueprint rather than simply having it there. To add unpredictability it could be that dropping a candle or approaching a flammable asset while holding the candle would set the asset a light. This would end the level with the player, unlocking a hidden achievement of “Pyromaniac” due to setting the environment alight. This wouldn’t be a good idea for the Burstalls project as it does not suit the project because our project is a historical piece.

If a player smashes a window then glass should shatter in the place in which it occurred, if people are nearby then they would respond to the broken glass by either making a comment or moving out of the way and finally a sound with be caused due to the glass in which people within a certain radius would be alerted.  Another example is that the player is able to select a book from a bookshelf and that they are able to open it and read dialog from the book. If something is able to be activated by the player then our team should aim to make this possible for example windows can be opened/closed, candles can be unlit/lit and books can be opened and closed.

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