Meeting with the client: Burstalls

Yesterday we met with Burstalls to showcase how far we have come with our work since they last saw our rough designs. For those unfamiliar with the project, we are set to create the Ocean Chambers building the year of its creation (1899-1901) on a turntable using software such as Unreal Engine 4 and 3dsmax.  We decided for our presentation that we would have at least two videos and several renders of the assets we have currently created to showcase our progression within the project.

Here are my renders which were showcased for the project, these were alongside other team members work;

This is footage taken from in Unreal Engine 4 of our current progress. This video was created by creating a blueprint within UE4 and a matinee sequence. The blueprint triggered the sequence to play during recording allowing me to capture the footage. Below is the blueprint I used alongside the video that was recorded.

Flythrough blueprint

The presentation itself was received well by our client and they were keen to push the project forward as well as we are. After speaking with our client we took some more photographs of the building for additional reference images for our project. An issue I came across straight away was the camera that I had brought with me and sadly due to technical errors and inexperience with working with that camera that the shots were sadly dark. The shots I had taken I will still be able to use due to being able to enhance these so that they can be used for reference. Sadly these photos will be unable to use as textures due to the quality of the photographs. On a positive note, I did receive some critical information about the company/artist who designed the flooring within the building alongside other bits of information which will be of great use when researching into the item being replicated so that we can create something which will match perfectly. It was addressed in the presentation that we would be able to communicate with the client the following month showing more progress for the project in order to keep them up to scratch with the direct the project is going.

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