FMP Inspirations: The Park

The Park was developed by Funcom and released in October 2015. The game is a first person psychological horror adventure game. This game is one of the titles which I took inspiration from when developing my FMP as I really enjoyed how the game guides the player through a strong narrative while allowing them to experience the game through interactive rides and finding hidden secrets within the levels. The story itself is based around a mother, Lorraine, who is trying to find her missing son. She is able to hear him yet is unable to actually locate her son Callum within the park, over the course of the journey Lorraine learns of the dark past of the park.

The player is able to interact with items such as newspapers and fliers which tell the player different aspects of the park for example information about its employees to just information about the park itself.  Rides are also functioning within the park so the player has the chance to experience these and also use them as a method of trying to reach Callum. One aspect I found very interesting about this game is how over the course of the game Lorraine’s voice becomes more frantic as her concern for finding her son grows.  I think this is an interesting mechanic and also makes the characters feel more real as any parent who loses their child is bound to become more panicked the longer it takes to find their child. I also feel it adds to the atmosphere of the game when applied with Lorraine’s background which she openly discussed when venturing through the park. She admits her faults and the players become sympathetic towards her because of this, they begin to feel a need to help Lorraine.

The reason I have taken inspiration from this game is due to the atmosphere it captures without having to use traditional clichés all of the time, and due to this I was able to keep hooked throughout the game. Some examples of this being re-entering a room yet every time the player enters, the room changes to something more insane then the first for example hanging dolls, blood and scribbled notes. It takes typical horror clichés such as flicking lights to a new level by adding the chance that the player could be directed into danger rather than being guided into a safe haven. Another reason I find this game particularly interesting is due to the ways it can take the player through a standard theme park environment into many different warped environments that show the characters instability without the player themselves feeling confused or lost at the designers choice or falling out of a state of flow with the game. These two things are things I am aiming to try and replicate within my games development so that my game can capture the atmosphere that is similar to that of The Park’s.


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