Substance Painter and how it can improve my projects

After conversing with many people on the topic, I decided to take the leap of faith and begin looking at using substance painter. My reason for the choice in this particular software is due to the ease of being able to paint decals or damage onto your asset, I believe this to be the best way to deal with adding details quickly for my FMP and may come in handy for my client project. I have used B2M which is one of their other pieces of software which generates images into materials, while substance painter is a 3D painting software. There is also substance designer which allows you to create materials from scratch but this is something I have yet to look into.

My first impressions are that this software is really amazing for what it is and I found the interface really easy to get to grips with. You are able to produce multiple maps very quickly allowing you to implement these within your game as soon as possible.  I decided I would attempt to create a PBR texture for my safe, I uploaded the asset into engine and decided to use the materials they give you within the software as a placeholder during this test. I was able from this to create an alpha mask within the fill layer and use this to add dirt and grime to particular parts of the model. Then I began having issues with the software. The textures I had generated had very strong metallic and roughness maps causing them to look very shiny within UE4, yet in Substance Painter these were looking as intended. This is easily resolved by tweaking the maps within photoshop, but for now these were the results I have achieved so far. The safe on the left is generated within Substance Designer, The one on the right is the same maps within UE4. Will keep posted once this issue has been resolved.

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