Showreels and portfolios

Within this blog post, I will explore what portfolios and showreels are and discuss what they should include and how to go about creating these. A showreel is a video clip showing footage from your designs, for example this could feature animation sequences for 3D characters, show movement for 3D assets and show stills/sketches. A showreel is a great way to showcase animations or gameplay in an effective way by showing short samples of different work.

A portfolio allows you to take your audience through a visual journey showing progression of your ideas and exploring your creative ability alongside your design process. A portfolio shows a range of stills which help capture your ability as a games designer.

This should show a range of abilities such as;

  • Drawing
  • Sketches
  • Digital (3D/2D design work)

Portfolios can be created online using websites such as carbonmade, PortfolioBox and coroflot. A lot of online portfolio websites offer free services but some of these chargers for additional content such as unique fonts or new designs meaning that if I decided to go through this route then it wouldn’t have to cost me anything unless I did want additional features.

Showreels can be created by uploading footage into footage editing software such as Adobe Aftereffects or Adobe premiere and using the timeline feature to create a clip of your work. The only cost for this would be the price of this software for a student costs £15.49 per month for access to all adobe products, although thankfully this software is available to me from university meaning that for myself this would be free.

Portfolios can be accessed at any time as these can be printed or digital so can be physically brought to those who wish to view it or can simply be accessed through the internet. In comparison, Showreels would require the showreel file and supporting video software to allow the user to view this, unless I were to upload the showreel to Youtube so that it may be accessed online.

For my degree show, it would be in my best interest to have both available to me as both portfolios and Showreels have their advantages. I will potentially be using Coroflot for my portfolio and using Adobe software to create my showreel. Once I have completed these, I’ll upload them onto my blog.

Here are some examples of showreels and portfolios;



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