My current pipeline

In order to gain a better understanding of how I currently develop my product meant going back to the drawing board and evaluating my current pipeline. Over the months this has changed dramatically and due to this had led to some confusion within myself which put me on hold with a few of my projects. I thought the best way to develop a better understanding was to physically draw out my process so here it is as follows;


To start with, all my models are currently made within 3dsmax. In future, I hope to add Zbrush or Mudbox to this pipeline but currently I tend to just stick with 3dsmax. After my model is created, optimized then unwrapped in order for me to begin my texturing process. After this, I obtain my textures. This could be from photographs I had taken myself or online images but this gives me my base for my texture. I then take that image into photoshop and tweak it so that it is seamless and cleaned up any imperfections. This image goes into B2M to generate my basic maps such as normal, roughness, AO and albedo. Although I know these maps can be created in substance, I find it best to work with a general map and for that map to be updated over time within substance. After B2M, my maps and transferred into substance painter and painted directly onto my model. Once completed, the map is exported and taken into UE4. If there are issues with the maps, I bounce back into Photoshop to make tweaks so that the maps work.

Using this pipeline, I am now able to generate textures quickly in order to create better results than my previous models. Here are two examples of models (First aid building and safe) I have recently created following this pipeline;

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