Patrick Bremer

Researching into new artists in order to find and create a list of inspirational individuals whos art I like and want to steal from and use elements within my own pieces, I discovered Patrick Bremer through the website  Pinterest. He was born 1982 in Brighton and studyed at Wimbledon College of Art in London. The reason I enjoy this artists work is due to his ability to make something that could of been a standard portrait into something so colourful and diverse. He uses a range of newspaper and magazine scrap to create some magnificent pieces, although he does paint and draw too but I find his collage pieces are his forté. I tried to find who was the inspiration for some of Patrick Bremers art yet this information is unobtainable. What I did find is several websites that Patrick Bremer is mentioned on which are very good websites for finding inspiration such as Pintrest, Theinsperationgrid and Artistaday; I think I will use these for definate in the future!

Here are a few of Patrick Bremer’s works that I personally enjoyed the most;

Patrick Bremer

Siren of Titan

Patrick Bremer Maria

Maria Bonita

The images I have taken can be located on his webpage and I really think you should all check him out as he is an incredible artist. I hope you enjoy him as much as I have!



‘Adaption’ Mini Brief: Environment design styles

I want to really consider the best way forward for my environment design, looking closely at artist made me want to create an distorted environment inspired by such artists like Tim Burton and Mark Ryden but with a really dark horror aesthetic. I hope to have a texas chainsaw massacre feel when designing my environments as this is the atmosphere I am wanting to create. By using the images below as influence, I will try encorperate this within my design as it would make my game more unique but also playing with distortion can allow people to become more septiable to fear.


Mark Rhyden